Thursday, December 7, 2017

Moving to the Bay Area


We are officially moved into the Bay ! After a month of searching for a home for us and our fur babies, we finally got one. Luis got an amazing job promotion giving us this new life opportunity. It was an exciting yet scarring feeling making this change, but we're adapting. We're 6 hours away from our families in LA and it sure wasn't easy for them letting us go. But it's a good change, new job and school for me so that's another exciting adventure! But omg having to find a new place to cut my hair and get my nails done hasn't been easy lol. Maybe I'm too picky. Anyone from the Bay have any must have visit spots for locals? Recommendations? Let me know in the comment section down below :)
Soon I'll be posting an inside look at our new home with our holiday decorations up. It's my favorite time of the year ! 

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