Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Summer Days In LA


Hey! Hope everyone had an awesome summer ☀:)
Living across the state from our family is different but we make sure to visit every chance we get. It’s funny how now we’re tourists in our old hometown lol but we enjoy it. For Father’s Day weekend we went to Universal Studios and everything looks so different when you have a 10 month old with you. They find everything more entertaining and you want to take every photo possible (I’m only sharing a few cause it’s wayyy too many lol).
Whenever I visit, I pretty much become a mom for those days lol. I have my nephew with me all day and night and spoil him like crazy. He’s great at restaurants! They loved him at Bottega Louie haha he’s such a flirt! Last weekend we were there and i got him this Mercedes Benz which he’s obsessed with! He’ll rather be in this than his stroller now lol. But I must say it’s pretty cool!
I'm excited that Summer is over and it's finally Fall! Which makes us closer to the holidays ! Do you miss summer and want it back? Or excited for the months to come? :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

MONARK First Annual BBQ Battle


It's finally Summer! So time for beaches, pools, and BBQ. I recently got invited to attend a First Annual BBQ Battle hosted by MONARK Premium Appliance Co. in Santa Clara, CA.
Everyone's grilling was on point and the food tasted amazing ! So I'm going to be sharing the winners menu.
They cooked on their DCS grill by Fisher & Paykel.:
  • Grilled Pasture Raised Tri-Tip
  • w/ Multi Colored Bell Peppers, Zucchini & Smoked Paprika Pineapple
  • Served over Herbed Potato Salad w/ Chives, Tarragon, & Parsley
I'm definitely going to try this during our next Summer BBQ. It was a great event that I hope I get to attend next year. 
If you're looking into a grill I highly recommend DCS, it has everything you need and more at a great price compared to the rest! I provided the link to their website below so you can look at this products. Right now I'm eyeing their refrigerators ! Very chic !
Let me know if you're into these type of events and if you get your hands on a grill :) I want to end this post by thanking Fisher & Paykel for inviting me to this event and letting me be there to watch their win !

Monday, June 4, 2018

Our 24th Birthday

A very late post but better late than never. Luis and I have our birthdays a week apart and this was our first time celebrating living in the Bay. For Luis, I spoiled him with a Gucci watch, went out to eat in Walnut Creek, and had cupcakes at home to sing him happy birthday. He was happy with his watch lol and had a great birthday.
My birthday was actually a HUGE surprise! My entire family drove the 6 hour drive to the Bay to spend my birthday with us. It was so sweet and touching because they all either called out sick from work and made arrangements to be able to stay just for that day. It was a time crunch to do as much as possible, but it was an amazing day. What really touched my heart was having my nephew with me, he means the world to me and I had no idea they were coming to visit. When I saw my brother bring my nephew from the car it just had me crying tears of joy. I was never the closest with my family, but with this new living distance it's definitely made me miss and appreciate my time with them.
Besides having the gift of them visiting, my mom actually gifted me a gorgeous Louis Vuitton wallet and Luis gave me the gift of diamonds lol. A new pair of gold half carat diamond earrings and a gold bracelet with diamonds. Which I'm obsessed with! What I love about gold and diamonds is I never have to take these pieces off, so I have them on 24/7.
We're prepping for summer now and are excited to enjoy some sun. How are you?  Is it your birthday soon? Any plans or life events you want to share?  Let me know in the comment below :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Vegas Valentine

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since Valentines Day!
It feels like just yesterday Luis & I were in Vegas. His gift to me was a week getaway in Las Vegas! We went to 1OAK, walked the strip with a Fat Tuesday always in our hand lol, celebrated Valentines Day with dinner at Hexx, and ended our trip with a night at Chateau Rooftop Nightclub.
This was our first trip since moving and it was much needed. Ever since Luis got his new job promotion, he does work a bit more than before which is more lonely for me now since I don't have family near by. We always have date night once a week and keep planning future trips to have something to look forward towards.
What did you do for Valentines Day this year? Let me know :)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Recent Makeup Purchases 2018


I've been so obsessed with buying makeup lately, I've gotten so many that I haven't been able to wear all of them yet.
  • Morphe has become my favorite brand for eye shadows so to count I have 4 palettes. 35R Palette
  • This is my first time trying the Anastasia's contour cream kit and I've got to say it's great! Last all day without having to reapply. Anastasia Contour Cream Kit
  • I don't know if you know who Heart Defensor is (she's amazing, search her!), but she made a collaboration with E.l.F Cosmetics with this highlighter duo and I love it! I got it the second time it launched and now it's also available at Ulta ! Heart Defensor highlighter
  • I've now tried the famous Fenty beauty product, it's good but I think it's overly hyped. The texture isn't my favorite and it's not resistant to everyday actions. Needed to reapply.Fenty by Rihanna matte lipstick
  • The Anastasia Lip Palette is my most recent purchase so I haven't had a chance to try it out just yet. I'm looking forward to playing around with the colors and seeing the quality. Anastasia Lip Palette

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My 2018 Resolutions


It’s finally 2018!! I have a lot of goals in all areas of my life that I’m planning to accomplish this year I’m feeling so excited and overwhelmed. I always feel that writing things down and putting it out for others to see gives me the feeling of accountability. 
This won’t be a super long detailed list but just what my priorities are for this year. Now as the year goes by I’ll announce my goals as i achieve them. 
These past few years I’ve been so carried away with getting things done that I completely overlooked my health and wellbeing. It’s to a point that my blood pressure is high and needs to be taken care of. This year I want to get my running stride back and focus on getting myself in the best shape I’ve been in. I don’t drink water unless I’m working out so now I’m working on slow getting a routine to maximize my intake. Luis is being as supportive as can be and we’re both pushing each other to achieve a healthier us. 

With our move I left my job in Los Angeles and took the holidays off to get settled into our new home and enjoy our family. Now it’s time to get the ball rolling for this year and get a new career. With job interviews already planned out thru out the next few weeks, transferring schools, and working more on the blog I’m aiming for a bigger picture. Luis & I have a lot of major goals we’re targeting to accomplish this year; and travel along the way. 

  • Count my blessings. I feel incredibly thankful for the life we have and when I think of how far we’ve come it gives me a sort of mental therapeutic feeling. Sometimes I feel a rush in accomplishing things and that times flying by too quickly that I forget to realize how far we’ve come. This is something I really want to remind myself of and have in the top of my list. 
  • Family. Now that we’re a 6 hr drive away from everyone it’s made me realize how much of a strong bond we need. I want to focus on more quality family time no matter the distance. I’m obsessed over my 3 month old nephew, I was there the moment he was born and want to be there for him every chance I get. 

Any tips you can recommend to help me reach my goals? What’s worked or not worked for you?
Let me know’