Monday, November 14, 2016

Current Anastasia Beverly Hills Obsession

Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup: Stick Foundation - Golden & Glow Kit - That Glow
Lets get this week started! I'm not the biggest makeup junkie but currently Anastasia is making me change my mind. I'm obsessing with this glow kit and this highly recommended foundation stick. They last all day and look flawless the entire time. Next I have to get my hands on some more lipsticks and brow products. I feel myself making a huge makeup collection real soon.
Any Anastasia Beverly Hills product that you highly recommend? Let know down below :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Escape From Wonderland 2016


I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween weekend! This year my boyfriend and I attened Insomniac's ESCAPE and I must say it made this Halloween memorable!
The event was amazing, from getting to see YellowClaw, KASKADE, Armin, etc. and experiencing their insane maze! Incase you missed it, in the maze you were put into a stray jacket while wearing a mask the entire time. That alone already scared me more than any other maze I've been too.
 What did you do this Halloween weekend or were you at ESCAPE as well?
Hope you had a great weekend and start getting ready to see more holiday post :) 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Welcoming Fall


Agenda: Kate Spade - Sweater: Forever 21 -
Cross Body: Gucci (I linked a similar style, since I couldn't find the exact one on their website) -
Jeans: H&M - UGGS: Bailey Button Triplet - Perfume: Prada Candy

With Fall finally here, it means Christmas is near. So I try to enjoy many pumpkins all over my home. Sweater weather is my favorite so I can finally wear what's mainly in my closet lol. Plus the fur babies are happy the heat is finally gone, as you can tell. What's your favorite thing about Fall ? Or are you as excited for the holidays as I am?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Our Home at the Lake House

I've been going to more short and random vacations this year, that Oceanside has become a favorite pit stop for my boyfriend and I. So we found this cute little hotel in San Marcos that we absolutely feel in love with. And it's only 15 minutes away from our Oceanside cantina. Perfect!
We love it so much, that this year for our 5th year Anniversary we will be returning. The Lake House Hotel and Resort is perfect for cute romantic getaways during the summer or any season. It has such a warm modern feel that makes you feel that you found a hidden gem. I highly recommend to check them out. Plus they are dog friendly, so I'll definitely be planning a new trip for my fur babies to join.
I'll post more pictures of this beautiful location after my next trip and the adventures in this area. Let me know if you check this place out and what you think :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

EDC Las Vegas 20th Anniversary

This past June was EDC's 20th anniversary and they went all out! A year to remember with so many memories and experiences that I hope everyone enjoyed. It was hard to select just a couple of images to give you a picture of the event. But with Insomniac events there is always so much to capture.

Like last year my boyfriend and I did VIP again, and it was better than ever. So many perks and easy access that make the event more epic. With a ball pit, MOET, cocoanut water, and view decks to many of the stages.

Safe to say my boyfriend and I are definitely doing EDC again next year as VIP.
Now up next for us is Escape in October.
Were you at this EDC Las Vegas? What was your favorite part? :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

OC Fair

Last year was the first time my boyfriend & I went to the OC Fair. Now it's definitely a summer must. The food, the games, the environment is super cute and fun to experience.



I'm always encouraging people to go but many just wait for the Los Angeles Fair in September. But why not do both? Let me know what you think, and which or why you like either more.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vegas Week Getaway

My boyfriend and I were in Vegas last month and here's a recap in the things we did :)
We were there for a week because of EDC Las Vegas and I really want to go back lol. We stayed at Vdara and it's an absolutely beautiful hotel that I highly recommend.
We had a Fat Tuesday in our hands 24/7 ! The weather was crazy hot and these make shopping even better lol.

My boyfriend and I are huge fans of the show "Pawn Stars" that airs in the History Channel. So of course we had to visit them. We aren't allowed to take many pictures inside, but if you're a fan of the show you must go!

Every time I go to Vegas, I have to print some pictures at the Photo&Go location. Super cute polaroid's that are cute as gifts or to hang around the house. I highly recommend it and it only takes minutes for you to walk out with them. You can even visit them online by clicking here
On our last night in Vegas, we finally went on the High Roller. And I loved it! Super cute and an amazing view of the city. An amazing experience that we both enjoyed and is a must try that we can finally check off our to do list.
Let me know what other things you recommend as a must do in Vegas. Can't wait to be back and try new things !