Tuesday, June 26, 2018

MONARK First Annual BBQ Battle


It's finally Summer! So time for beaches, pools, and BBQ. I recently got invited to attend a First Annual BBQ Battle hosted by MONARK Premium Appliance Co. in Santa Clara, CA.
Everyone's grilling was on point and the food tasted amazing ! So I'm going to be sharing the winners menu.
They cooked on their DCS grill by Fisher & Paykel.:
  • Grilled Pasture Raised Tri-Tip
  • w/ Multi Colored Bell Peppers, Zucchini & Smoked Paprika Pineapple
  • Served over Herbed Potato Salad w/ Chives, Tarragon, & Parsley
I'm definitely going to try this during our next Summer BBQ. It was a great event that I hope I get to attend next year. 
If you're looking into a grill I highly recommend DCS, it has everything you need and more at a great price compared to the rest! I provided the link to their website below so you can look at this products. Right now I'm eyeing their refrigerators ! Very chic !
Let me know if you're into these type of events and if you get your hands on a grill :) I want to end this post by thanking Fisher & Paykel for inviting me to this event and letting me be there to watch their win !

Monday, June 4, 2018

Our 24th Birthday

A very late post but better late than never. Luis and I have our birthdays a week apart and this was our first time celebrating living in the Bay. For Luis, I spoiled him with a Gucci watch, went out to eat in Walnut Creek, and had cupcakes at home to sing him happy birthday. He was happy with his watch lol and had a great birthday.
My birthday was actually a HUGE surprise! My entire family drove the 6 hour drive to the Bay to spend my birthday with us. It was so sweet and touching because they all either called out sick from work and made arrangements to be able to stay just for that day. It was a time crunch to do as much as possible, but it was an amazing day. What really touched my heart was having my nephew with me, he means the world to me and I had no idea they were coming to visit. When I saw my brother bring my nephew from the car it just had me crying tears of joy. I was never the closest with my family, but with this new living distance it's definitely made me miss and appreciate my time with them.
Besides having the gift of them visiting, my mom actually gifted me a gorgeous Louis Vuitton wallet and Luis gave me the gift of diamonds lol. A new pair of gold half carat diamond earrings and a gold bracelet with diamonds. Which I'm obsessed with! What I love about gold and diamonds is I never have to take these pieces off, so I have them on 24/7.
We're prepping for summer now and are excited to enjoy some sun. How are you?  Is it your birthday soon? Any plans or life events you want to share?  Let me know in the comment below :)