Monday, November 30, 2015

My 4 Year Anniversary

It's been 4 amazing years with my boyfriend by my side and I'm extreme thankful and blessed to have him. I know I'm a handful and he's the light at the end of my tunnel and my biggest supporter in whatever I set my mind into.
We took a little weekend getaway, away from work, school, and our pets. We work and go to school full time, so spending time together isn't always easy. So a good two day weekend in a gorgeous hotel really gave us the chance to enjoy our time together away from responsibilities.

Plus, on Monday he only has a couple morning classes so we'll be decorating our home for Christmas.

This year we gave each other the gift of an Apple Watch.

I got him the 42mm Gold with Midnight Blue.

He got me the 38mm Gold with Antique White.

This year flew by and I can't wait for the next years to come with the love of my life.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Most Recent Fall / Winter Purchases

Like most girls, I'm sure we've told ourselves that we were going to start shopping less. But I just can't seem to stop myself lol. These are my most recent purchases and I hope you like them enough to get them for yourself :)

Adidas Polka Dot Sweatshirt - SALE $42 @

Ugly Christmas Sweater  - WetSeal $28

The nose lights up different colors!

Old Navy Sport Sweater - $12 @ Citadel Outlets


Forever 21 - $10 clearance

Michael Kors Sweater - $29.99 @ Marshalls

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Getting Christmas Ready

I'm one of those Christmas people that skip Thanksgiving and go straight into the holiday cheer. The older I get the more excitted and festive I become.

I love decorating my home in any way possible.

Always drinking from a red Starbucks cup every chance I get.

Dress up my dogs for the holidays after they get groomed at Petco.

Wearing Fall outfits.
Finally wearing my UGGS almost everyday.
Listening to Christmas songs with Spotify all around the house or in the car.

Shopping is my most favorite lol.

I'm already ordering different Christmas cards from different websites lol. To send over to family and friends from my family to theirs :)

I'm definitely going all out this Christmas. From decorating inside and out, making holiday memories, & spreading the holiday cheer :)