Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My 2018 Resolutions


It’s finally 2018!! I have a lot of goals in all areas of my life that I’m planning to accomplish this year I’m feeling so excited and overwhelmed. I always feel that writing things down and putting it out for others to see gives me the feeling of accountability. 
This won’t be a super long detailed list but just what my priorities are for this year. Now as the year goes by I’ll announce my goals as i achieve them. 
These past few years I’ve been so carried away with getting things done that I completely overlooked my health and wellbeing. It’s to a point that my blood pressure is high and needs to be taken care of. This year I want to get my running stride back and focus on getting myself in the best shape I’ve been in. I don’t drink water unless I’m working out so now I’m working on slow getting a routine to maximize my intake. Luis is being as supportive as can be and we’re both pushing each other to achieve a healthier us. 

With our move I left my job in Los Angeles and took the holidays off to get settled into our new home and enjoy our family. Now it’s time to get the ball rolling for this year and get a new career. With job interviews already planned out thru out the next few weeks, transferring schools, and working more on the blog I’m aiming for a bigger picture. Luis & I have a lot of major goals we’re targeting to accomplish this year; and travel along the way. 

  • Count my blessings. I feel incredibly thankful for the life we have and when I think of how far we’ve come it gives me a sort of mental therapeutic feeling. Sometimes I feel a rush in accomplishing things and that times flying by too quickly that I forget to realize how far we’ve come. This is something I really want to remind myself of and have in the top of my list. 
  • Family. Now that we’re a 6 hr drive away from everyone it’s made me realize how much of a strong bond we need. I want to focus on more quality family time no matter the distance. I’m obsessed over my 3 month old nephew, I was there the moment he was born and want to be there for him every chance I get. 

Any tips you can recommend to help me reach my goals? What’s worked or not worked for you?
Let me know’

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Our New Bay Area Home

Finally done unpacking our last box, but being in a larger home we realize we need a lot more furniture lol. We're slowly settling in and have some Christmas decor out. With an extra guest room and an office space for us we're still trying to play with the space. We're dividing the office in half for us, so I'ma convert mine into a makeup / closet office. Because how is it that we've filled all the closets in the enitre house with our clothing?! I'll make some post as areas develop in the home. 
Now we're in Los Angeles for the past week to spend Christms with the family and heading back home to spend New Years. Definitely excitted for the new year to cone.
You guys ready for the new year to come?