Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My 2016 Goals

 I know this post is a bit late, since we are almost half way in January! But it's never late to set goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

      1. Getting In Shape
                  I'm trying to exercise outdoors once a week and with a minimum of 3 nights at the gym. I used to workout 5 days a week back in high school. I know I won't get to the same level as before but surely my old fit me is my current goal.

      2.  Drink Water
                 A difficult goal of mine would be to start drinking more water. I'll drink maybe one bottle a week, that needs to change. I'm aiming for at least one a day and build from there. I know it's a change that will affect me in many positive ways.

      3. Read Daily
I used to be such a bookworm, I miss the feeling of a good read. It won't be easy with school but I'll like to read an entire book once a month.
      4. Save
I'm a big shopper and tend to buy a lot of little things. I rarely ever save for big items and would really like to change this. I need to stop buying things every place I go and have a goal in mind.

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