Monday, September 7, 2015

What's In My School Bag

I'm actually quite the nerd and love going to school. And these are my everyday school essentials.
I more than likely to always carry a purse rather than a backpack, since it's much more of a fashion statement. I recently purchased this Michael Kors tote and it's perfect! Perfect size for my notebooks, textbooks, supplies, and even my iPad or laptop! Especially this perfect brown color for the Fall semester.

I'm always running from one class to another, so always having my Beats by Dr. Dre earphones keeps me focused and determined by listening to the right Spotify playlist.
With all the running and eating snacks along the way my lips start getting dry and so do my hands. Which is why I always have my EOS lip balm and hand lotion. I highly recommend these, perfect size and super cute pink color.
I'm a big fan of the all white theme so of course my notebook would be the same way. It stands out with all my other details around. Five Star Mead is always my number one choice in notebooks. But I am very creative and make my own notebooks at FedEx Office. You can print a page or even design/draw your artwork and print it on a heavy cardstock paper. Have them bind it with clear covers and a clear coil. I personally like to have 5x7 notebooks so I can always carry with me, just like my pineapple notebook as seen in these pictures.
These super cute folders are much cuter in person and maybe some of you have seen them at Target. With the blue and teal backgrounds the metallic gold pattern stands out. Sadly I only got these two and haven't been able to find anymore of these. So if you know of a Target that still has some, let me know :)
My pencil pouch is actually pretty old, I purchased it at the American Apparel Flea Market in downtown LA. Yet after 3 years it still looks brand new and I use it daily. I must always have my gel pens, pencils, white out, and sharpies.
Let me know what you guys always take to school with you and why in the comments below :)