Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vegas Week Getaway

My boyfriend and I were in Vegas last month and here's a recap in the things we did :)
We were there for a week because of EDC Las Vegas and I really want to go back lol. We stayed at Vdara and it's an absolutely beautiful hotel that I highly recommend.
We had a Fat Tuesday in our hands 24/7 ! The weather was crazy hot and these make shopping even better lol.

My boyfriend and I are huge fans of the show "Pawn Stars" that airs in the History Channel. So of course we had to visit them. We aren't allowed to take many pictures inside, but if you're a fan of the show you must go!

Every time I go to Vegas, I have to print some pictures at the Photo&Go location. Super cute polaroid's that are cute as gifts or to hang around the house. I highly recommend it and it only takes minutes for you to walk out with them. You can even visit them online by clicking here
On our last night in Vegas, we finally went on the High Roller. And I loved it! Super cute and an amazing view of the city. An amazing experience that we both enjoyed and is a must try that we can finally check off our to do list.
Let me know what other things you recommend as a must do in Vegas. Can't wait to be back and try new things !


  1. I come to this place every now and then. The New York Event Venues are really nice, the crowd is full of regulars, and the food and drink specials are pretty good! The staff is great and really gets to know your name. Totally worth your time on any night for good food and drink.