Friday, May 14, 2021

Honolulu Honeymoon

Hello everyone :)
Now I can say I understand the hype about a Hawaiian honeymoon! I highly recommend it to any newly weds or anyone looking for a new place to visit now that traveling is allowed again. We went to the island of Honolulu and loved it! We are definitely planning a trip to go back soon. We witnessed the most beautiful unforgettable sunsets, pictures don’t do them any justice. There are so many places to eat from fancy/casual restaurants to random food trucks with the food never disappointing.
We rented a car to drive the whole island and visited every beach, local and touristy spots. We talk about returning once everything is safe to make new beautiful memories.
Let me know if you have any questions or want some tips for your upcoming trip 🌴

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Vegas Bachelorette Weekend

Looking back at the sharable memories from my Vegas Bachelorette weekend with friends and my bridesmaids. Vegas is a must do when it comes to ending the single life and settling down lol. From Chippendales, limo rides, pool parties with my favorite DJs, club crawls, meeting new people and what happens after midnight making unforgettable memories with friends 😉. I know a lot of people find Vegas bachelorettes as cliche but isn't that how wedding traditions started? 
I know things are different right now and my heart goes out to the brides having to postpone and wait for the unknown to celebrate and make these memories but the time will come and we will cherish them even more 💗