Wednesday, August 31, 2016

EDC Las Vegas 20th Anniversary

This past June was EDC's 20th anniversary and they went all out! A year to remember with so many memories and experiences that I hope everyone enjoyed. It was hard to select just a couple of images to give you a picture of the event. But with Insomniac events there is always so much to capture.

Like last year my boyfriend and I did VIP again, and it was better than ever. So many perks and easy access that make the event more epic. With a ball pit, MOET, cocoanut water, and view decks to many of the stages.

Safe to say my boyfriend and I are definitely doing EDC again next year as VIP.
Now up next for us is Escape in October.
Were you at this EDC Las Vegas? What was your favorite part? :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

OC Fair

Last year was the first time my boyfriend & I went to the OC Fair. Now it's definitely a summer must. The food, the games, the environment is super cute and fun to experience.



I'm always encouraging people to go but many just wait for the Los Angeles Fair in September. But why not do both? Let me know what you think, and which or why you like either more.