Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Our New Bay Area Home

Finally done unpacking our last box, but being in a larger home we realize we need a lot more furniture lol. We're slowly settling in and have some Christmas decor out. With an extra guest room and an office space for us we're still trying to play with the space. We're dividing the office in half for us, so I'ma convert mine into a makeup / closet office. Because how is it that we've filled all the closets in the enitre house with our clothing?! I'll make some post as areas develop in the home. 
Now we're in Los Angeles for the past week to spend Christms with the family and heading back home to spend New Years. Definitely excitted for the new year to cone.
You guys ready for the new year to come?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Moving to the Bay Area


We are officially moved into the Bay ! After a month of searching for a home for us and our fur babies, we finally got one. Luis got an amazing job promotion giving us this new life opportunity. It was an exciting yet scarring feeling making this change, but we're adapting. We're 6 hours away from our families in LA and it sure wasn't easy for them letting us go. But it's a good change, new job and school for me so that's another exciting adventure! But omg having to find a new place to cut my hair and get my nails done hasn't been easy lol. Maybe I'm too picky. Anyone from the Bay have any must have visit spots for locals? Recommendations? Let me know in the comment section down below :)
Soon I'll be posting an inside look at our new home with our holiday decorations up. It's my favorite time of the year ! 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Disneyland Halloween Time

Perfect way to start the holidays with Fall is in Disneyland's Halloween Town.
Super cute with all the decorative, always a must visit. Even though as you can tell by my outfit that it's not quite feeling like fall yet here in Los Angeles. This is the first of our Fall traditions, I'll be posting the rest as the week goes on. Also with upcoming life changes coming soon!
What are your traditions? Let me know :)