Wednesday, July 22, 2015

EDC Las Vegas VIP 2015

This was the first time my boy friend and I went to EDC finally being 21 and trying out VIP. The GA tickets cost around $350-$400, when VIP go up to $800. So I was curious to see if the price met the standards. My boyfriend and I are not disappointed. From now on we will continue to attend EDC Las Vegas with VIP tickets. Quick and easy access to the front of the stages with private restrooms next to the stages avoiding the crowds.

Anyone that has attended any sort of music event, whether Coachella or EDC know the struggle of getting closer to the stage because of the crowds and the horrible feeling of having to go to the bathroom ASAP. So it felt great being able to just walk a couple of steps with a very short line and being able to get my same front stage spot.

Best random moment of EDC this year would be my boyfriend getting to meet YellowClaw! It was completely random by just checking out some DJ Merchandise and them being in the tent right next to it. He got so excited, waited in line while I bought him a shirt for them to sign and took a picture with them. Later that night, being able to see them live right in front of them with the VIP access was great! Really made my babes night.
In the VIP areas there was also a ball pit right in front of the main stage with an amazing view! As well as a VIP rides and dining location that included freshly made pizza, taco truck, cocktails, etc :) It was an amazing experience that my boyfriend and I can't wait to go again next year.

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