Thursday, March 15, 2018

Morphe & Urban Decay Eyeshadow Collection

Hello, I was going to do one post for my entire makeup collection but I realized how long of a post that would be lol. So I'll be doing separate post, this will be more for eye shadows.
 I didn't realize I had these many palettes lol
I think I'll be fine until the next one drops with summer colors
 When I lay them all open together I realize how similar yet different the colors are lol.
 These 4 Morphe palettes get me every time! The small ones are perfect for when I travel but I always like to find a way to alternate and determine my outfits after my makeup is done. 
I'll link them down below so you can go ahead & try them, trust me you need to have these.
I've had these Urban Decay palettes for quite some time, longer than the Morphe ones actually.
I am a fan of the pigmentation on the Naked Smoky Palette but it is one I rarely use due to the colors. Compared to the colors in the Naked 3 palette the pigmentation really doesn't stay long and the color don't pop even when I use the primer. It's one I actually use to play makeup with my nieces.
I guess you can tell my favorites are definitely the Morphe palettes due to the high value of pigmentation, they last me all day even after a workout at the gym. It's hard for me to say which one is my favorite because they all are.
Urban Decay : Naked 3 & Naked Smoky

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