Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I know some couples only celebrate every year instead of monthly, but we just do cute little details for each other every months to remind ourselves of how grateful we are for one another. We're a long distance relationship due to financial reasons that I couldn't attend the school we both had planned during our senior year in high school. So to me, every month is a great one knowing that I'm with a guy that's absolutely perfect to me.
This post is just to give some couples a few simple gifts that you can give each other on any occasion. A few months back I gave him coupons lol :)
I didn't use these but I made my own from pink flashcards and made some like these but also some personal naughty ones for his liking. But I think these are super cute and wish I would have found these when I was searching awhile back. These are from Homemade Gifts Made Easy and they also give you cute ideas on how to make a booklet with them. So check it out love birds :) <3
Another thing I've done is make him a goodie bag with the junk food he likes but in small portions so he can take with him to school. And with every item in the bag there was a sticky note on it writing a memory that we've shared with the item that was in the bag [etc. how he would always buy me brownies while in high school because i would always be hungry lol]. It's the little moments and details that add up and make everything great.
Try these little things for an anniversary or just a random cute thing to do to your loved one, they'll surely appreciate it. :)


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